What is the first step one must take to develop a life changing habit? A habit that will transform your physical appearance, instill a solid work ethic, and incorporate into your mind the necessary motivation and confidence to overcome ANY obstacle you encounter. The answer is quite simple… in fact, you will be thrilled to know that you have already taken this crucial first step!

The answer lies in the simple “IDEA” that you have decided you would like to improve your physical appearance. Think of it this way… The person you have become at this very moment, and the habits you have become slave to are a direct result of one thing. The ideas that you have fostered and the actions you have performed as a result of those ideas. This is the beauty of the human mind. You have the power to plant a tiny seed (your idea), apply proper water and sunlight ( finding motivation and performing actions), and allowing your seed to grow and flourish into the tallest, healthiest redwood in the forest ( your own personal universe)!

All successful people have acquired and utilized this knowledge. Imagine the things you could accomplish once you have accepted this theory. The theory that you are the master creator of your own personal universe. Great, so now what? We have laid the foundation to our future simply by realizing that we alreadyMotivation 01 possess the power to change everything about ourselves and our environment. Now we need to build on that foundation. This is where things may get a little tricky on you, depending on what pre-conceived notions you have about yourself. DO NOT get discouraged just yet, you still have much to learn about your potential!

The next great quality we must learn to master is self-confidence. With the proper motivation we can accomplish ANYTHING! This is no secret… However, this second step seems to be the hardest for most people simply because they do not stay motivated. When you form an idea that you strongly believe in you get a rush, a natural high if you will. At the moment of your idea you are instantly motivated to transform that idea into a reality. Therefore motivation is not something you need to acquire. Motivation is a quality you that you already possess! The only trick to this is to maintain your motivation. You have to base your life around this idea you had. Constantly remind yourself of your goals and the path will present itself to you.

With proper maintenance of your idea, your motivation will seem endless. Thus allowing you to ACT on your IDEA with CONFIDENCE. This is a fool-proof approach to conquering any goal. This simple knowledge will enable you to create and control your own personal universe. So what are you waiting for? ACT ON IT!