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Month: November 2012

• Body Mass Index (BMI) for Adults

CDC “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” published an interesting article titled “About BMI for Adults”, here is an extract from the article: What is BMI? Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a person’s weight and height. BMI provides a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people and is used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems. BMI is used as a screening tool to identify possible weight problems for adults. However, BMI is not a diagnostic tool. For example, a person may have a high BMI. However, to determine if...

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The best time for Workout -part two-

In The best time for Workout -part one- we analyzed pros and cons of morning and afternoon workout, now we’ll take a look to some pros and cons of working out in the evening. Evening Workout According to some research studies on lung function, body rhythms, temperature and hormone levels, the best time to exercise is around 6 pm. Here are some pros and cons of working out in the evening. Pros: For most people, body temperature and hormone levels peak at 6 pm; Muscles are warm and flexible; Some of us are able to workout harder late in the...

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The best time for Workout -part one-

If we want to lose weight and maximize fat loss should we be exercising in the morning, afternoon or at night? Morning Workout There are some good reasons for morning workout and also some very good reasons why it might not be a great idea. Let’s try to analyze each of these under the headings of pros and cons. Pro Exercising in the morning can: Get our metabolisms off to a flying start helping us burn more calories throughout the day; Promote more fat burning because our depleted glycogen stores force our bodies to turn to fat; Produce endorphins...

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The Appetite Suppressing Effects of Protein.

Often recommended in weight loss diets, proteins have proven to have “appetite suppressant” effect. Gilles Mithieux, Director of Inserm Unit 855 “Nutrition and the brain” in Lyon, France researched what biological mechanisms are responsible for it. The researchers described in detail the chain reactions caused by the digestion of proteins that send a message of satiety to the brain, long after a meal. The results, published in the July 5, 2012 issue of a scientific publication called Cell, can help us to find new solutions in the treatment of obesity. The team of researchers Inserm, CNRS and Lyon University...

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Lifting Weights: four fitness myths for women

“Will lifting weights make me big and bulky?” is a serious question considering the billion dollar fitness industry pushes images of women holding little barbells not lifting heavy weights. The truth is that women can and really should build muscles because this is likely to help you be healthier and happier. Most women want to sculpt their bodies as well as gain a small amount of muscle tone which will give them a sexy look and also feel great. In this article, we will examine the top four fitness myths for women and prove that lifting weights will not make...

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