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Month: November 2012

Book selection: “The Dukan Diet”.

The Dukan Diet is a unique 4-step programme, combining two steps to lose your unwanted weight and two steps to keep it off for good: Step 1: Attack For 2-7 days eat as much as you want of 72 protein-rich foods. Step 2: Cruise Continue eating the protein-rich foods with the addition of 28 vegetables. Step 3: Consolidation Add fruit, bread, cheese and starchy foods, and 2 celebration meals a week, allowing 5 days for every pound lost. Step 4: Stabilisation Eat what you like without regaining weight by following 3 simple rules, including the famous ‘protein Thursdays’. Devised...

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Are You Making These 7 Dieting Mistakes?

Are You Making These 7 Dieting Mistakes? You’ve started a new diet. You’ve been good all week, making sensible meals, managing your portions, even exercising a little… then the weekend hits. You eat too much. You drink too much. You give up. Not so fast! A couple of slip-ups won’t undo all your hard work. The key is to know the dieting pitfalls you’re likely to make and plan ahead to avoid them. Here are the top seven dieting mistakes. How many are you making? Skipping breakfast. Research shows that people who don’t eat breakfast actually weigh more than...

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Metabolism: What you need to know.

Metabolism is a complex science and without a scientific background most people are unable to understand it fully. However, as a strength trainer or athlete it is useful to have some knowledge of the subject in order to appreciate the importance of good nutrition. Metabolism is the term used to describe all of the biochemical reactions and processes that take place in the body. In broad terms, these can be grouped into two main process pathways: anabolism and catabolism. Anabolism is the construction of complex molecules from smaller units to create new cellular materials including enzymes, proteins, cells and...

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Exercise and Diet: The Principles of Building the Perfect Body!

The Principles of Building the Perfect Body Who can forget the physique of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Pumping Iron as  he went on to win his seventh Mr.Olympia? His combination of size and symmetry was  declared by many to be the perfect body. This body-building physique led many young boys to begin picking up weights and starting off on their own journey to achieve perfect bodies. Getting into ripped and extremely muscular shape is a little harder than just picking up a dumbbell and starting to curl, however. It requires intense determination and dedication to both diet and...

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10 Bad Weight loss Habits

Most people who are overweight got to where they are today by practising poor lifestyle habits. Here is a list of the 10 most common of these habits and some suggestions about how to change them. Habit 1. Being inactive Weight gain, weight maintenance and weight loss are all based on a very simple principle. If you consume more calories than you need over the long term you’ll put on weight (approximately 1 pound per extra 3,500 calories). If you consume the same amount of calories than your body needs to function and perform the activity you do each...

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