by  Saverio Sculli (Personal Trainer)*

Have you ever wondered why some people have to fight to stay in shape, while others get great results?

The difference is simple. The best results are obtained with a precise schedule that includes:

  • an integrated training program at the gym, that includes aerobic and weight training;
  • a specific nutritional plan with an appropriate use of dietary supplements.

Arm yourself with a good program so you can get the desired results and, above all to keep it not only for a short period, but for life.

In recent years I have helped athletes of regional and national levels to achieve significant results through integrated programs of training. But today more than ever, the category of customers in very fast growth is made of ordinary individuals, men and women, young and old, whose definition of victory is to improve their fitness, have more energy and health, to enjoy the life more.

But let’s go step by step and as we said: everything starts from the Knowledge!

What is health?

For the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) HEALTH means: state of complete mental, physical and social development. Health is not just the absence of disease.
Dr. Umberto Veronesi (former Health Minister) and current scientific director of the European Institute of Oncology during a recent speech at a conference organized by the Italian Ministry of Environment stated that ” poor diet causes more cancer deaths than environmental pollution…” The percentages, by Dr.Veronesi, speak for themselves:

  • Pollution is responsible for 1 to 4% of the tumors;
  • Nutrition is responsible for 30% of tumors.

Excesses and deficiencies in the daily nutrition cause problems and illnesses that are commonly called diseases of economic well-being, diseases caused by the well-being state in which the majority of European and Western citizens live. Well-being is able to satisfy the tastes and dietary needs of everyone, but that leads people to feed incorrectly, to ingest daily unneeded nutritional elements and to avoid needed nutrients. The result is that today we live in a overfed society because there are excessive fats, sugars, cholesterol, salt, etc., and hypo-fed since there are deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, fiber, water, etc. The foods we ingest every day give to our body all the elements essential to our survival. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber, allow the human body to perform a myriad of operations. In fact, from the foods we get the energy needed to fulfill every move (from the smallest such as lifting a finger, to the more complex ones, such as performing an acrobatic jump). With nutrition we can also accumulate all the bricks needed to enhance body or repair the ravages of time, heal wounds, and so on. Despite the abundance of food available to everyone, many nutritionists are convinced that our diet is excessive quantitatively, but qualitatively insufficient. The methods of processing, storage, cooking food, are to blame for the loss of valuable nutrients, to which we must add bad eating habits which, for example, tend to favor the consumption of fats (mostly animal). A speech exception is made for the athlete, especially when he claims certain results. His metabolic demand is much higher than that of a sedentary and often proper diet and proper exercise are not enough. The use of supplements, scientifically measured, can help to address training in the best way, avoiding fatigue and minor injuries related to it, going beyond the simple ailments to which athletes are often used.

Building a better body requires a huge motivation. You must have an intense desire to deal with what you will need to succeed. You must follow your program, not just a week, but month after month, to go beyond the point where others stop. Every day, motivated by your goal, you will find the inspiration to continue in your program, “no matter what happens.”

Set a goal

How to do it? Without a final goal it is impossible!

One technique that has helped many people to persist in the program and achieve the desired results is to monitor the progress.

And ‘essential is to always know where you are going, how to get there and the progress you are making. You can create this by asking a specific target sequence. Just “Getting back into shape” is not a worthwhile goal: be more specific! Once this is done, make sure you answer the following questions:

  1. What? “Losing 6kg of fat and gaining 3kg of muscle” tells you exactly what you want to achieve;
  2. Why? Go to the personal motivations in your desire to change. Go beyond superficial reasons, look for the reasons of your interior, the ones that will allow you to overcome adversity;
  3. When? Give yourself deadlines. There is nothing more effective than a deadline to inspire you.

Motivate, train and make fitness your way of life!


*Mr. Saverio Sculli is a certified Personal Trainer since 2006 (CSEN-CONI), but his experience in fitness training started in 1998. He is also an expert in the fields of Athletic and Agonist Training (2004) and Nutritional Fitness Education (2003). He works as director at the New Fitness Sport Center in Bovalino (Italy) where he continues his “training mission” with passion and professional care, promotes informative seminaries and organizes courses to form the next generation of fitness trainers. You can follow Saverio on his web site and on Facebook. Contact him for questions or/and customized training programs: make wellness your life style!