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Month: September 2014

Intensity and workout quality

Intensity and workout quality Intensity can be defined as the quality of your training in a given period of time. It is measured according to the type of exercises performed. The heart rate, for example, is a good parameter to evaluate the intensity of the workout. In fact, thanks to it we can calculate at what intensity you have to work to achieve your fitness goals. In fitness, in order to improve, athletes must continually work harder as they their bodies adjust to existing workouts. The “overload concept” is one of the most important principle in fitness training. When...

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Nutrition for Everyone: Vitamins

Vitamins Vitamins are a heterogeneous group of organic compounds essential for the growth and maintenance of animal life. The majority of vitamins are not synthesized by the body or at a rate sufficient to meet physical needs. They are distinct from the major food nutrients (proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates) in that they are not chemically related to one another, are present in very small quantities within animal and plant foodstuffs, and are required by the body in trace amounts. Approximately 15 vitamins have been isolated from biological materials; their essentialness depending on the animal species, the growth rate of...

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