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Month: January 2014


Body cells require oxygen for living. While this molecule is essential for the survival of the cells, on the other hand, in certain circumstances, it can become harmful and give rise to free radicals. FREE RADICALS Free radicals are molecules or ions that contain one or more unpaired electrons and which are capable of independent existence. Free radicals are produced in most body cells (mitochondria) as a byproduct of certain metabolic reactions. They are considered responsible for most of the degenerative diseases of aging, and perhaps even cancer (mutations). Many factors can trigger the generation of free radicals: ENVIRONMENTAL...

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Metabolism, fast or slow: depends on what? – Part 3

– Read also: “Metabolism, fast or slow: it depends on what? – Part 2” Speed up your metabolism We already know that the daily energy expenditure was mainly influenced by three factors: the basal metabolism, thermogenesis induced by diet and physical activity. It is on these three components need to focus efforts aim to increase metabolism. Exercise increases muscle metabolism indirectly due to increased secretion of anabolic hormones and the consequent buildup of muscle mass. The basal metabolic rate is the minimum energy needed to maintain vital functions and wakefulness. In a healthy individual and sedentary basal metabolic rate...

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