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Month: December 2013

Metabolism fast or slow: depends on what? – Part 2

– Read also: “Metabolism fast or slow: it depends on what? – Part 1” Think you have a slow metabolism? The most common excuses: I’m fat because I have a slow metabolism. In fact, if we analyze point by point the above factors, we realize that this statement has little credibility. Excluding hormonal dysfunction, of the same gender and muscle mass, individual variations in metabolism as they are limited. This does not mean that fat people have, generally, a slower metabolism than thin ones. To get out of this situation we must first realize that the slow metabolism is...

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Metabolism, fast or slow: depends on what? – Part 1

Metabolism is the set of biochemical processes and energy that take place in our bodies, and these reactions are designed to extract and process the energy contained in food, and then direct it to the satisfaction of energy requirements and structural cells. A fine adjustment mechanism provides to balance all these metabolic reactions , depending on the actual availability of nutrients and demands phones. The existence of living organisms therefore depends on the introduction of a quantity of energy and matter sufficient to meet the metabolic needs, commonly referred to as nutritional needs. In turn, these demands are closely...

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