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Month: November 2013

Importance of water during physical activity

During a vigorous physical activity and a regular sporting activities, the proportion of water that is lost can reach relevant values ​​and compromise both the sporting result as the state of health of the athlete. The practice of sport, in fact, is characterized mainly by a more or less significant increase in the production of energy by the muscle cells involved in the technical movements of the specific sport. Consequently, and in step with the increase of the use of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), occurs an increase of the amount of heat produced, which in turn is responsible for higher...

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Blueberry: The miracle of Alaska

Talk about living off the fat of the land. Alaska’s wild berries may be one of nature’s miracle foods, chock full of powerful nutrients that feed the brain and protect the nervous system from old-age breakdown. New research has continued to show that blueberry, along with walnuts and strawberries and certain other fruits and nuts, contain high concentrations of antioxidant chemicals that can actually protect the brain from neuron-damaging substances known as free radicals. In some cases, exposure to blueberry extracts reversed age-triggered ailments in lab animals, according to a story posted online by Society for Neuroscience. And so,...

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Weight gain: most common hidden triggers

by  Botanic Choice Here are the most common hidden triggers for weight gain. Boredom. Lots of people eat when they don’t have anything to do. You absentmindedly inhale a bag of chips while watching reruns and the pounds pack on fast. And, the constant assault of commercials for fast food and soda doesn’t help either. Solution: Turn off the TV and computer and engage in a hobby, go for a walk with a friend, or volunteer somewhere. Feeling sad, lonely, stressed. Emotional eating is the No.1 cause of overeating (and weight gain). You turn to food for comfort and...

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