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Month: March 2014

Nature’s Most Potent Anti-Oxidant

By Dr. Abbas Qutab Head of Kyäni’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Board After testing 24 varieties of fresh fruit, 23 vegetables, 16 herbs and spices, 10 different nuts, and four dried fruits, the U.S. Department of Agriculture determined that blueberries scored highest overall in total anti-oxidant capacity per serving. Research demonstrates that blueberry consumption boosts serum anti-oxidant status in humans. Elevated anti-oxidant levels in the body may protect against damage to cells and cellular components, thus helping to reduce the risk of many chronic degenerative diseases. New research reported in peer-reviewed journals by scientists around the world confirms the...

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Muscle definition: Some Guidelines

***** Just before summer season most of the gym and fitness centers members start a program aimed at muscle definition, trying to lose a certain amount of fat in order to highlight the muscles. Muscle definition: the common mistakes Generally the biggest mistake we made is to increase dramatically the training duration or the number of days per week in which we have our workout. Let us briefly recall that, if the training stress is too high compared to the resilience of the person, there will be an increase in the cortisol (hypercortisolism), which will result in the destruction...

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