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Month: August 2013

Keep your brain fit for life

Myths about Memory 1. Is memory loss a natural part of aging? No! While conventional wisdom tells us it’s just a natural part of aging, science now tells us otherwise. It’s normal for anyone to forget the occasional appointment or name but severe memory loss is most definitely not a natural part of aging. 2. Have only old people serious memory problems? False! Memory problems can emerge in your 30s or 40s. The key is to take care of your brain, your memory and your total health before it’s too late. 3. Are senior moments an just annoyance? No!...

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Basic rules for a proper food plan

When it comes to set a weight-loss food program a common error is to limit the strategy only to a mere calculation of calories. Sure caloric intake is important and should be considered, but even more important to be considered is our goal! If the objective is to decrease body fat, the goal of our eating patterns must always be the same: keep up your metabolism! Keeping up your metabolism level becomes our primary goal if we want to achieve tangible results and maintain them over time. Instead often we make the mistake of taking  calories too low in...

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Health, training, supplements: “Everything starts from Knowledge”

***** by  Saverio Sculli (Personal Trainer)* Have you ever wondered why some people have to fight to stay in shape, while others get great results? The difference is simple. The best results are obtained with a precise schedule that includes: an integrated training program at the gym, that includes aerobic and weight training; a specific nutritional plan with an appropriate use of dietary supplements. Arm yourself with a good program so you can get the desired results and, above all to keep it not only for a short period, but for life. In recent years I have helped athletes...

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