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Month: July 2013

Best and Worst Abdominal Exercises

It ‘s a myth that hard to fall, according to which the exercises for the abdominals would be the best way to get a flat and defined stomach. In fact the exercises alone will not allow you to burn enough calories to allow a significant reduction in abdominal fat. A belly fat, even if it is supported by a robust scaffold muscle, can never be carved. The only advantage that you can get from training selective of these muscles is their tone, which helps to form a real “natural corset.” A more toned abdomen, equal to body fat, allows...

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The Importance Of Stretching Exercises!

Stretching is a form of physical exercise in which a specific muscle or tendon (or muscle group) is deliberately flexed or stretched in order to improve the muscle’s felt elasticity and achieve comfortable muscle tone. The result is a feeling of increased muscle control, flexibility and range of motion. Stretching is also used therapeutically to alleviate cramps. Does Stretching help? Stretching and flexibility exercises are an important part of any workout. Stretching your muscles after an intense workout helps to maintain flexibility, range of movement and improves body posture. Regular stretching after exercise can also help to reduce post...

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Avoid back pain and achieve better overall health

Back Pain Chronic back pain plagues up to 65 million people to varying degrees. The best way to stop back pain is to be proactive about it and take preventative steps to achieving a healthy back. These eight tips may help you to quell the beastly discomfort back pain wreaks on your body, and may serve to help you achieve better overall health and wellness in the process: Stand Up Tall How many times have you been told by your parents, teachers, doctors, and coworkers to stand up straight? Not only will your back thank you, but you may...

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